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The world's first! BYD Achieves the 5th Million New Energy Vehicle Offline

2023.10.24 Editor: Southeast Electric Hits:30

On the evening of August 9th, Wang Chuanfu, Chairman and President of BYD Co., Ltd., shed tears at the press conference. BYD has officially taken off the production line of its 5th millionth new energy vehicle and has become the world's first car company to achieve this milestone. For 20 years in car manufacturing, BYD has been working on a proof question about new energy and Chinese cars, and has given a beautiful answer so far. This is not only a new milestone for BYD, an accelerated surpassing of Chinese cars, but also a witness to the positive and upward development of Chinese brands.


BYD's 5th millionth new energy vehicle goes offline

At the event, Wang Chuanfu expressed heartfelt gratitude to 5 million new energy users, government departments, media friends, upstream and downstream partners, peers, and over 600000 employees. He also delivered BYD's 5th new energy vehicle, the Tengshi N7, to the keynote speaker of the "Friends of Time" New Year speech and received the delivery from App founder Luo Zhenyu. As the owner of the Tengshi N7, Luo Zhenyu expressed his great honor to become the 5th new energy vehicle owner of BYD. Doing the right thing and waiting for the return of time, BYD's long-term philosophy is the best interpretation of "friends of time".


Wang Chuanfu Delivers BYD's 5th Million New Energy Vehicle - Tengshi N7 to Luo Zhenyu

As the earliest participant and promoter of the new energy vehicle industry, BYD has persisted on this path for 20 years before ushering in the current high-speed development. Despite being questioned and opposed by various sectors at the beginning of car manufacturing, BYD remains steadfast in entering the "unmanned zone" of new energy vehicles and always adheres to technological innovation. As of now, BYD has 11 research institutes, over 90000 R&D personnel, and a total R&D investment of over 100 billion yuan. Currently, on average, it submits 19 patent applications every working day and has obtained 15 patent authorizations. BYD has launched a series of disruptive technologies such as blade batteries, DM hybrid, CTB battery body integration, Yisifang, Yunnian, etc., promoting continuous transformation in the new energy vehicle industry.


BYD insists on using technological innovation to do a proof question

The current development trend of the automotive industry fully confirms that the development of new energy vehicles is the only way for China to move from a major automotive country to an automotive powerhouse. In the era of new energy, Chinese automakers have used milestone after milestone to push Chinese cars from catching up to surpassing, rewriting the history of being "big but not strong". Nowadays, China has the world's largest export volume of new energy vehicles, with over 60% of the world's new energy vehicles produced and sold by China. China accounts for 70% of the world's new energy vehicle patent disclosure, and over 63% of the world's power batteries are supplied by China. China has mastered the core technology of new energy vehicles and a complete industrial chain, and the new energy vehicle industry is no longer "stuck", becoming a true new energy vehicle power.


China has become a strong country in new energy vehicles

Wang Chuanfu stated that the development trend of new energy is irreversible, and predicted that the penetration rate of new energy vehicles in the Chinese market will exceed 60% by 2025, and the market share of Chinese automobile brands will increase to 70%, achieving leapfrog development. At the same time, China has the foundation and strength to create world-class automotive brands, and the Chinese automotive industry will inevitably give birth to a group of respected world-class brands.


In the wave of change in new energy vehicles, Chinese brands have great potential


China has the foundation and strength to create world-class automotive brands

BYD has become the first car company in the world to achieve the 5th million new energy vehicle offline, which belongs to BYD and also belongs to Chinese car brands. Wang Chuanfu has repeatedly stated that being together is the Chinese car! BYD will work hand in hand with its peers to create a respected world-class brand, inject Chinese automotive power into the global automotive industry transformation, and use advanced technology to help the world achieve its green dream.


Source: BYD

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