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New energy vehicle thermal management system

System Introduction

The Endowa thermal management system includes products such as engine main water pump, three electric and air conditioning system electronic water pump, integrated cooling module runner plate, etc. New energy vehicles using electric water pumps and modular cooling systems can reduce the coolant flow rate by 40% throughout the entire operating speed range. The energy consumption of electric water pumps is only 15-20% of that of mechanical water pumps.

The characteristics of electronic water pumps, such as energy conservation and emission reduction, high efficiency and environmental protection, and intelligent cooling, determine that their replacement of mechanical water pumps is the trend. Currently, the industry is still in an incremental market, and there is great room for future development. In 2022, the shipment volume of Endofa electronic water pump products exceeded 2 million pieces, ranking among the top in the domestic market for electronic water pumps. The integrated cooling module runner plate of Endofa will also be mass-produced and put into the market.

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