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Intelligent chassis and powertrain

System Introduction

The Endowa intelligent chassis and power system include electronic vacuum pumps, P-speed motors, and other products. Endowa Electronic Vacuum Pump is an electromechanical product that integrates permanent magnet DC motors, vacuum pumps, and noise reduction mechanisms. It is a blade type dry running pump driven by DC motors. When the vacuum pressure in the brake vacuum pipeline is insufficient, it serves as an auxiliary vacuum source to supplement the vacuum pressure. It is used as an independent vacuum source for brake vacuum boosters in hybrid and pure electric vehicles, and is an important functional component of the brake system.

The P-gear motor is mainly used for auxiliary parking on new energy vehicles and is specifically designed for electric vehicles. When the car is parked and turned to the P-gear position, it receives control signals from the VCU and automatically locks the gearbox, thereby locking the car's split type P-gear locking mechanism. It has the advantages of small size and stable operation. Our company's P-gear motor model is mainly the 65 series, with a power range of 50W-100W.

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