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District leaders conducted a "four inspections and one assistance" visit to Changzhou Southeast Electric Motor Co., Ltd

2023.10.24 Editor: Southeast Electric Hits:40

Changzhou Southeast Electric Motor Co., Ltd. is mainly engaged in the production and sales of electronic water pumps, electronic vacuum pumps, starting motors and other products. It is a professional production base for automotive electrical motors, electronic water pumps, and electronic vacuum pumps with a complete range and rich variety in China. At present, the enterprise has a hazardous chemical transfer warehouse, and in accordance with the special management requirements for the use of hazardous chemicals, a third-party evaluation agency has been hired to conduct a special evaluation of hazardous chemicals throughout the factory, improving various institutional measures for the hazardous chemical transfer warehouse.

Xu Xiaobo visited the front line of the workshop on site to gain a detailed understanding of the company's product production scale, technological innovation, and implementation of safety production work. After learning that the company has purchased hazardous chemical storage cabinets specifically for storing hazardous chemicals and no longer uses explosive dust, Xu Xiaobo affirmed the company's safety measures. He pointed out that safety production is the lifeline of enterprise development, and safety work must not allow any luck or neglect. Enterprises must strictly implement the main responsibility of safety production, effectively carry out safety work before, fully, and practically, vigorously investigate and rectify safety hazards, and truly achieve "pre rain preparation" and prevention in the bud; Relevant departments should attach great importance, strictly implement departmental regulatory responsibilities and territorial management responsibilities, strengthen supervision, inspection, and real-time supervision, help enterprises identify problems early, rectify them in a timely manner, and strive to achieve a "win-win" situation of economic development and safety production.

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