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Sample Quality Engineer

Address:No. 80 Benfa Road, Zhonglou District, Changzhou City


1. Coordinate and manage the sample trial production process, related quality work, including original sample A, soft mold or B, mold OTS or C, mass production batch PPAP samples, etc.

2. Communicate with customers, identify and convert customer sample standards.

3. Responsible for sample quality planning, sample trial production planning, sample MRB deviation release activities, solution and tracking of trial production quality issues, and summary of sample parts document packages. Submit to meet customer requirements.

4. Responsible for certification work in the field of sample expertise, such as 3C, Rohs, IMDS, etc.

5. Responsible for providing training on quality assurance related documents to workshop technicians, identifying and reviewing the qualifications of workshop personnel related to quality, and providing training for mass production personnel.

6. Responsible for the integration of sample production and mass production, preparing a docking list, providing sufficient experience information input for serialized production (mass production), and ensuring the smooth transition of sample to mass production to ensure the smooth implementation of project mass production.


1. Bachelor's degree or above.

2. At least 3 years of quality work experience in the automotive industry. At least 1 year of experience in process quality or sample production.

3. Familiar with the production process of electric motors, familiar with one or more processes such as injection molding, welding, casting, machining, and assembly.

4. Familiar with quality measurement, inspection tools, and data analysis.

5. Familiar with the main quality management tools, such as the 5 tools and 7 techniques.

6. Having audit experience, such as IATF16949 or VDA6.3 qualifications is preferred.