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Changzhou Southeast Electric Motor Co., Ltd. was established in 1993 with a capital of 42.56 million yuan. It is a leading core component provider in China that provides comprehensive solutions for automotive thermal management systems and comfort systems. We mainly provide customers with solutions for key components of new energy vehicle thermal management systems, intelligent chassis and powertrain systems, vehicle intelligent comfort systems, starter motor product systems, home appliance water supply and drainage systems, and related component development and delivery. The above products are mainly used in the fields of new energy vehicles and hybrid electric vehicles, fuel vehicles, commercial vehicles, etc.The company currently has nearly 500 employees and owns 35 invention patents and other intellectual property rights, as well as 10 core technologies and products. The company is committed to empowering the automotive parts industry, conquering core bottleneck technologies, breaking down technical barriers for key products, achieving domestic substitution for imported key products, and becoming a leading service provider with independent intellectual property rights for autom...


Focusing on the research and development of overall solutions and core components for the thermal management system of new energy vehicles, with complete intellectual property rights.